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INFO - MLP - Portraits

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  • 1. What type of photography do You offer?

    Primarily I am a portrait photographer and I am offering following services:

    - contemporary portraits

    - Boudoir

    - business headshots

    - family portraits

    - maternity portraits

    - children portraits

  • 2. Can I include more types of portraits into one photosession?

    Of course. I would even recommend it; to have as diversed images as possible. In the same photosession we can create contemporary portraits, business portraits, boudoir, photos with some of the family members or all of them. It all depends on what You want.

  • 3. I have nothing to wear!

    You can choose something from dresses I have in studio. You can borrow your dresses from a friend, rent or buy. I've prepared for you a list of dresses you can buy on Amazon, whose value does not exceed 300, - kn, and are extremely beautiful in photos. You can also bring some old dress you no longer fit in. We will do wonders with a couple of clips.

  • 4. How many family members can I bring to photoshoot?

    You're free to bring all the close family members, including grandparents. If you want to share the experience with your best friend or partner, they are welcome.

  • 5. I want only digital photos!

    My business model includes prints. For each photo you buy, you get a digital photo in high quality.

  • 6. How it works?

    After You contact me, we will make phone consultation, or You can visit me in my studio. Consultation helps me understand how you want to be photographed.

    Once Photoshoot date is set, in order to confirm it; You will make 300,- kn deposit on my business account. Then we will start planning out all the details of your session from what to wear, to hair and makeup.

    On a photoshoot day, when You arrive at the studio I can organize hairstylist and make up artist to be there for You. 300 kn that You have deposited on my account can be use toward that. 300 kn covers hair and makeup for one person.

    I recommend You this option. That way You can have all in one place. If You do hair and make up with Your own stylist, 300 kn deposit can be used toward purchase of collections.

    Photoshoot itself lasts 3-4 hours. You will spend the day with me coaching you through posing and how to look great in your photos and exchange 3-5 different outfits, depending on Your wishes.

    Three weeks after photo sesssion, we will meet in the studio for You to see the photos. I will choose, process and print 25 photos for You. Only then you decide what You want to buy. You can buy individual prints or choose one of the collections from the Pricelist. The price of individual prints is 300,- kn, and my collections start at 1.200,- kn.

    How much you spend depends on you. You will go home only with photos You love.

  • 7. What is my next step?

    You can contact me for consultation via contact form or mobile +385 91 313 1316.

1.200,- kn
6 photos
1.800,- kn
10 photos
2.600,- kn
20 photos
3.400,- kn
25 photos
slide show
a coupon of 400,- kn
1 x print 30x40 cm
All photos are 15x21 cm, matted and delivered in beautiful handmade white box, ready to be framed. For every purchased print, You get high resolution digital file also.
After You see the photos, what You will buy is entirely up to You.
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