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ABOUT ME - MLP - Portraits

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I am photographer based in Croatia, Osijek. I am specialized in portraits and I would like to make Your most beautiful portraits. Women today are overwhelmed with obligations and they have forgotten how beautiful, special and feminine they are.
Photosession in my studio is an opportunity to remind You of that part of Yourself.
I love transformations that women experience in front of my lens.
I believe I can find beauty in every woman.
How would You like to be photographed?
Marina has a smile and a charisma that make any fear and anxiety disappear. I am a person who does not like to expose and the thought of having to stand in front of the lens at the same time was attracting  my curiosity and fear.
But, in front of her lens there is no fear, no anxiety, no time, as if it does not exist. Just a moment in which she catches what you truly are.

Every time Marina takes the camera into her hands, magic happens..and I know that she will always get the best out of me. I love her incredible energy and passion for photography! And I looove myself in those photos.

People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... If you want someone to capture a female fire that burns in you, Marina’s eye is what you want.
A lot of time we feel inecure and have distorted image of ourselves... but when you see Yourself in her photos,  you are convinced that You are SHINING!

Hidden dream of my soul she has turned into amazing experience!
Thank you!

I've always wanted such photos and Marina has fulfilled all my wishes!More than I expected!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, wonderful experience!

With some people you feel just happy ... That's how it is with Marina ... Marina reminds you of beautiful parts of Yourself You have forgotten about...

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